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Find a child health care clinic in Pune. Dr Vikas Patil is a well-reputed paediatrician who practises in Pune. It is known for housing experienced paediatricians. Contact Now!

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Best prdiatric specialsit in pune

Sore Throat in Baby- Symptoms, Home Remedies, Seeking Help

Does your baby feel irritable during the night? You can notice this by their discomfort at the time of feeding and swallowing in combination with scratchy crying sounds. This can be due to a sore throat that your baby may be suffering from. Scratchy or sore throats in babies are not always a medical...
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How to Prevent Your child from Infectious Diseases?

Germs that cause diseases can spread themselves in large numbers. This happens especially when people are in close contact with each other. If you want to protect your child from infectious disease-causing germs, make sure that they have their immunizations. This guards the child against infections ...
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5 Essential Tips for Child’s Digestive Health

The digestive health of the gut of your child reflects their internal well-being. If you see your child experiencing some discomfort, then try to get them to see a doctor as immediately as possible. Besides, here are five essential tips for improving your child’s digestive health. 5 essential tips...
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