Summer Health Tips For Kids | Dr.Vikas Patil

summer season tips for kids

Summer is a season of fun for kids and a great time to get healthy. We’ve included different tips to help you and your children stay safe and happy while spending more time outdoors.

  1. Wear Light Colour Clothes

Summer is when we all want to wear light color clothes. Light color clothes reflect the sun’s heat and keep us cooler. It’s a good choice for kids to wear light-color clothes in summer.

  1. Drink Enough water

It is very important to stay hydrated during summer. Kids often forget to drink enough water while playing outdoors or in front of their computer games. So, keep reminding them to drink enough water during summer.

  1. Eat Fruits Regularly

Fruits are a great source of vitamins and nutrients that keep us healthy every season, especially during hot summers. Bananas, apples, mangoes, oranges, and others should be eaten regularly by kids in summer times.

  1. Take Bath

Kids must take a daily bath during the summer to keep their bodies clean, cool, and fresh all day. The bath will remove the sweat and germs on their skin that can cause diseases and bad odour in their body.

  1. Try to Stay Under Shades

Staying under shades is one of the most important summer health tips for kids because it prevents your little ones from getting sunburns or heat strokes due to exposure to the sun’s UV rays. If there’s no shade in your area, you can always bring an umbrella or hat to protect your children from direct sunlight.



Healthy habits begin at home. This summer, make sure your kids eat well, stay active, and protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. These tips will help you get them on the right track towards a healthier lifestyle. For more information, contact Dr. Vikas Patil.