Pneumonia In Children: Symptoms Treatment And Prevention

Pneumonia Treatment In Pune

Pneumonia is a disease that is primarily caused by bacteria and viruses & it is a lung infection. These germs make air sacs inside the lungs, and it causes patients difficulty in breathing. The droplets of the coughs spread in the air via infected people. A child can also get infected if they come in touch with the saliva of the infected person. It has been noticed that children get infected via pneumonia during the winter season.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

Parents who have noticed that their kids are suffering from this viral infection need to consult with Dr. Vikas Patil for the best Pneumonia treatment in Pune. Doctors will let you know about the symptoms of this lung infection.

It has been noticed that pneumonia caused due to viruses is less severe than these are caused by bacteria. The probable symptoms of this disease are-

Difficulty in breathing

  • Cough and muscle aches
  • Fever and weakness
  • Feeling tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea and vomiting

Diagnosis and Treatment

Health professionals will diagnose this infection depending on the symbols of the presence of this disease. They will monitor the child’s breathing and listen to their lungs. Here doctors will suggest chest x-ray, blood tests, etc for the best support.

While treating, doctors will suggest antibiotics, which will help your kids get rid of this situation in 12 to 36 hours. It is necessary to take the full course of the antibiotic because if you stop taking the full course of the medicine, the infection will come back.

Preventive measures

Parents are curious to know whether they can take care of their kids at home while they suffer from pneumonia or not. Here the doctors suggest that kids need enough rest at home and they should stay hydrated. Here, parents can talk to Dr. Vikas Patil to get the best treatment for Pneumonia treatment in Pune.