Everything Women Must Know About Breastfeeding

Breast feeding

Breastfeeding is among the most important things a woman should know about. Still, many women are not breastfeeding their babies. This article will help mothers learn more about breastfeeding and hopefully make their lives easier after birth.


Benefits of Breastfeeding for Your Baby:

  1. Preventing Illnesses

Breast milk is full of antibodies from the mother. These antibodies help protect babies from getting sick. Coughs, colds, and ear infections are less common in breastfed babies.

  1. Digestive Tract Development

Breast milk contains fat and proteins that are very easy for babies to digest. It also helps promote healthy bacteria in the gut and intestines, which aids in digestion over time.

  1. Physical Closeness

The other benefit of breastfeeding is that close physical contact between you and your baby helps strengthen the bond between you while your little one grows.


Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom:

  1. Lowered risk of breast cancer

Research shows that breastfed women are less likely to develop breast cancer later.

  1. Helps with postpartum bleeding

When you nurse your baby, it causes contractions in your uterus. These contractions help it go back to its normal size after birth and may reduce bleeding after delivery.

  1. Breastfeeding can help moms lose weight

Breastfeeding uses extra calories to help a woman lose pregnancy weight faster. Women who breastfeed exclusively may burn up to 500 extra calories a day.



Breastfeeding is a wonderful, natural way of nourishing your baby. It comes with countless benefits for both you and your little one. After reading this article, don’t be afraid to contact Dr Vikas Patil at Pune if you still have breastfeeding questions.