Childhood Obesity- Symptoms and Causes

Childhood Obesity treatment In Pune

Do you feel that your kids are suffering from childhood obesity? This considers a serious health hazard when kids start gaining excess weight, and it can cause different health problems. Children can suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, and even high cholesterol due to excess weight gain. Hence, parents need to take extra care of their kids once they start gaining weight and can consult with Dr. Vikas Patil, Children Specialist in Pune.

Symptoms of child obesity

It has been noticed that not all kids suffer from this health issue. Many kids have different and large body frames. Again as per experts, kids carry different body fat during their different stages of development.

Once parents notice that their kids are gaining too much weight, it is necessary to talk to consultants for the best result.

Causes of child obesity

Children suffer from this problem due to lifestyle issues. In today’s tech-savvy world, kids have become addicted to video and mobile games. This habit keeps them inactive from any physical activities. Moreover, kids are more prone to consume junk foods and it increases their weight suddenly in kids. So, all parents can check below the necessary causes of childhood obesity.

  • An unhealthy diet is one of the prime causes of weight gain in kids. Kids always love to consume fast foods, junk foods, chocolates, etc, and regular consumption of these foods can increase weight in kids.
  • Kids have become more addicted to mobile and video games. They hardly go out for physical exercise. This inactive lifestyle starts increasing weight in kids.
  • Many kids can gain weight due to genetic factors. If other family members of the kids also suffer from similar health hazards, it is normal that kids will also suffer from this problem.
  • Kids often suffer from personal, parental, and family stress that will increase the risk of weight gain in kids.

So, parents are required to take suggestions from Dr. Vikas Patil, Children Specialist in Pune, regarding child obesity and its treatment.