Care of The Preterm Baby-Dr.Vikas Patil

Preterm baby care

A preterm baby or premature baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Often preterm babies are born with medical complications due to their early birth. You should be accustomed to the various risk factors related to preterm babies if you are expecting a baby or a mother of a premature infant.


Types of a preterm baby

Depending upon the delivery date of the baby, the child can be classified into four categories.


·         Late preterm Baby

These babies are usually born between 34 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. These infants have high mortality and morbidity rate, risking them to various diseases.


·         Moderately Preterm Baby

These babies are born between 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy. They look very similar to the ones that are born later. These babies are not born with minimal body fat or thin skin like very premature babies.


·         Very preterm Baby

They are born before 32 weeks of pregnancy. They are born with very thin skin and visible veins or bones. They require monitoring and medical equipment for healthy development. 


·         Extremely Preterm Baby

They are born before or at 25 weeks of pregnancy. They require immediate attention; however, only a few could survive without any physical disability or ailment. They are very small in size.



·         Lack of enough body fat gives rise to lower body temperature.

·         Small bodies with a large head.

·         Respiratory discomfort.

·         Difficulty in breathing, feeding, or swallowing.


How to take care of a preterm baby

Some preterm are highly sensitive are require professional monitoring, which could only take place in a hospital; however, in case you want to bring your child home, these are the few necessities you should take care of.


·         Ensure a comfortable temperature. Do not burden your child with extra layers. The ideal room temperature lies between 20-23degrees.

·         Avoid chemical cleansers while bathing your baby; instead, use warm plain water.

·         Preterm babies require frequent feeding.

·         Always be prepared for an emergency.


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